Aluminium Half Round Guttering

Aluminium Half Round Gutters, inspired by the 19th Century Cast Iron Gutters. We offer four standard sizes of Half Round Aluminium Gutter and can manufacture other sizes as required. making it ideal for repair and refurbishment projects as well as new buildings.

Gutter Brackets

Half Round Gutter is fitted into Gutter Brackets which are secured to the Fascia. There are many different types of Bracket including Side or Top Fix Brackets, Rise/ Fall Brackets and Mortar Brackets.


Half Round Gutters come with a range of accessories which include:

  • Stop Ends
  • Running Outlets
  • Apex Angles
  • Gutter Angles

Radius Gutters or Curved Gutters

Many projects require a Curved, Radius or Radii Half Round Gutter which can be fit to a true or faceted curve. These curved pieces are supplied in 1 meter pieces and are fit in the same way as a standard half round gutter profile. We require detailed drawings of the curve to ensure the measurements are made exact.

Coatings and Finishes

Our Aluminium Rainwater Goods are available Polyester Powder Coated or Aluminium Mill Finished in a range of RAL Colours, BS Colours, Heritage Textured Finish, Metallic, Anodised Coating, Special Colours and Finishes.

Why choose Aluminium Half Round Gutters?

  • Low Maintenance – Lightweight – Very Robust – Easy to Install
  • Gutter Jointing System Proved for Over 25 years.
  • Gutters, have an Integral Butt Strap, Angles & Running Outlets Double Spigotted Less Joints & Waste Faster Installation
  • Aluminium can be fully recycled, is durable, sustainable and can be much more

Half Round Aluminium Gutter Sizes

100mm / 4″        115mm / 4.5″        130mm / 5″        150mm / 6″

Please get in touch should you require an alternative size, we can custom make to order.

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