Kirkbie Kendal School, located in the heart of Cumbria is home to over 1000 students a year. After initial planning to develop the school’s specialist Creative and Perfoming Arts centre 18 months ago came into fruition, Stafford Rainwater were called to supply and install an aluminium true curved radius gutter to the new front of the building. The striking design is a real statement of intent to invigorate and capture the imagination of the students. The ribbon was cut on the £850,000 refurbishment project infront of over 100 people including local dignitaries.

Head of art, Mark Buckland, agrees the facilities are a vast improvement.

He said: “When you consider what we were working with over the last 15 years the facilities were pretty dire. To experience things we never had before like weatherproofing and proper lighting is fantastic. We already had fantastic results but this makes it even better.”

At Stafford Rainwater Systems we particularly enjoy working on projects where there is such a sense of optimism and opportunity about them. We wish the students and teachers all the best with their new facilities and hope to see the next Bob Dylan or Leona Lewis honing their skills in the not too distant future.


Special thanks to the Westmorland Gazette